Braces for Teens

& Orthodontics for Teens

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A Cool Braces smile can open doors for you. In fact, don’t be surprised if opportunities come at you like a magnet.

Dr. Ejaz Tahir is proud to offer modern teen orthodontics in an exciting and welcoming environment. *Drake boombox blasting in the background* It won’t be difficult to get your teen to show up for appointments here.

Options in Teen Braces

Cool teens need cool treatment options. Choose from:

  • Metal braces
  • Clear ceramic braces
  • SPEED braces
  • Self-ligating Damon® braces
  • WildSmiles® designer brackets
  • SmartClip™ self-ligating braces
  • Invisalign® for teens

Does my teen need treatment?

There are a few ways you can determine whether your teen needs orthodontics. If you recognize any of the following signs or symptoms, let’s chat.

  • Lack of confidence when smiling or hiding smile regularly
  • Jaws or teeth are disproportionate to the rest of the face
  • Difficulty biting or chewing 
  • Digestive issues caused by improper chewing
  • Early, late or irregular loss of baby teeth
  • Crooked, crowded or gapped teeth
  • Grinding or clenching the teeth
  • Thumb sucking / finger sucking habits in childhood
  • Jaw pain or facial pain
  • Jaw shifting, popping or clicking
  • Persistent mouth breathing 
  • Thumb sucking / finger sucking in childhood
  • Jaw pain or facial pain
  • Jaw shifting, popping or clicking
  • Difficult or pain when chewing or biting
  • Persistent mouth breathing

Will I have to spend a fortune on my teen’s braces?

Nope, not at Dr. Tahir’s office! We’re proud to offer a number of affordable payment options to help you cover the cost. We don’t want money to stand in the way of a life-changing opportunity.

The price of braces depends on a few factors, including the length of your teen’s treatment (based on the severity of their condition) and the type of treatment chosen.

At your first visit to our Berwyn or Oak Lawn orthodontist office, we’ll discuss your needs and work with you to create a payment plan that doesn’t stress you out.

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Your smile is a work of art. Let’s make you a magnet for life’s opportunities.

All you have to do is start the convo, and we’ll take it from there.