Speed Braces

Woman excited about her new smile after braces from Cool Braces

Looking for a quicker braces treatment option? SPEED braces are fast, effective and ⅓ the size of traditional braces!

Dr. Tahir and our team provide SPEED braces in Berwyn and Oak Lawn for patients who want a convenient treatment experience with fewer appointments.

How do SPEED braces work?

SPEED braces use a Spring Clip (instead of traditional elastics) to move teeth. The Spring Clip self-ligating technology works as a computer chip programmed by Dr. Tahir at the beginning of your treatment. 

SPEED braces apply consistent pressure to teeth based on the initial programming, and over time, create a head-turning smile.

Benefits of SPEED Braces

  • Smaller size: SPEED brackets are ⅓ the size of traditional brackets! Their small size offers aesthetic appeal and greater comfort. 
  • Greater comfort: SPEED braces are self-ligating, meaning they allow teeth to move individually of each other. This minimizes friction to maximize comfort and efficiency.
  • Easy hygiene: Tiny brackets are easier to brush around. You’ll have fewer places for food particles to become lodged and more surface area of your teeth to brush!
  • Quick results: SPEED braces are just that – speedy! Advanced self-ligating technology enables faster treatment times and fewer office visits.


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