Meet Dr. Ejaz Tahir

The Wizard Behind the Smiles

Dr. Ejaz Tahir provides the highest quality of Berwyn and Oak Lawn orthodontics in a unique,  upbeat, and lively atmosphere. 

Once you get the Cool Braces smile, your life opens up and you experience the cosmic force that makes you a magnet for new opportunities.

Words from Dr. Tahir…

“I am a creator and a builder at heart. I am an artist. I am an engineer. My mom was an art and sculpting teacher. What I learned as a child, and what I do now, are perfectly matched. I’ve learned, as an orthodontist, that the difference between a healthy but mediocre smile and a healthy and extraordinary smile is about 80% artistic, and that’s where I excel.

It’s an honor to serve my patients and I enjoy the relationships I’m allowed to build with them. I love their stories and the conversations we share, and I always learn something from each person. As orthodontic treatment takes time, and I see my patients regularly, I learn who they are on personal levels, and enjoy seeing their lives change as their smile develops. They become much more confident and outgoing, and they open up to the world, smiling and laughing without feeling self-conscious about their appearance.

As an orthodontist, I am able to make lasting, positive, beautiful changes in peoples’ lives, every day. I cannot imagine a more fulfilling career.”


  • Undergraduate Degree – University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Doctorate of Dental Surgery – University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Orthodontics Degree – University of Illinois at Chicago


Continuing Education

Dr. Tahir is a firm believer in the power of continuing education. Education is integral to being a successful, skillful orthodontist. 

With a thirst for knowledge, Dr. Tahir is constantly seeking new techniques and new advancements in orthodontic treatments and technologies. Delivering orthodontics at the highest standards achievable is one of his top priorities.

Dr. Tahir continues to attend orthodontist conferences, meetings, and seminars throughout the year to stay up-to-date on recent developments in orthodontics and to ensure that his patients receive the best care and treatment options available.

Professional Memberships

Dr. Tahir is proud to be an active member of the following professional associations:

Away from the Office

Dr. Tahir is originally from Pakistan and has been married to his wife, Juana, who is from Mexico, for 23 years. They have three beautiful children, Analia, Adam, and Nadia, and a family dog, a Tea Cup Poodle, named Lulu, too. 

“When I’m not caring for my patients, I enjoy origami and art, traveling, browsing garage and estate sales for books and wonderful odds and ends, and reading.”



Your smile is a work of art. Let’s make you a magnet for life’s opportunities.

All you have to do is start the convo, and we’ll take it from there.