WildSmiles Braces®

Looking for braces that are just as cool as you? WildSmiles braces are ideal for kids, teens or adults who want to sport a unique smile as they make their way to the Cool Braces gallery.

Become a magnet to the great things life has to offer and look your best along the way.

Designer Brackets for Every Style

WildSmiles brackets come in a variety of different shapes and themes. Choose from three different collections:

  • WildSmiles Disney Collection: Kids love the Mickey Mouse Disney themed brackets! 
  • WildSmiles Signature Collection: Explore signature shapes, from diamonds and stars to footballs and hearts.
  • WildSmiles College Collection: Have a favorite College sports team? Show your pride with themed brackets!

How much do WildSmiles braces cost?

Like our other types of braces, WildSmiles braces can be financed with an affordable payment plan. We’ll create a custom financial plan on your first visit to help you cover the cost of treatment. 

The cost of braces or Invisalign® will depend on a few factors, including the length of your treatment plan and the type of treatment chosen. We’ll present our financing options during your free consultation.



Your smile is a work of art. Let’s make you a magnet for life’s opportunities.

All you have to do is start the convo, and we’ll take it from there.