What Sets Us Apart

The Cool Braces Difference

We’re known for being out of the ordinary – but in a fun way.

Our treatment experience is centered around you. With any treatment route you take, the outcome is the same: a beautiful new smile that makes you a magnet to life’s opportunities and sets you above the rest.

You’ll experience the cosmic force here.

Once you get the Cool Braces smile, your life opens up and you experience a cosmic force that drives new opportunities and people toward you. (We’ve seen it happen.) The magnetic attraction you experience from a confident Cool Braces smile will pull you above anyone else. We tell our adult patients that the danger in orthodontic treatment is that you’ll look too good.

You are our focus.

Creating a meaningful connection with you is one of our favorite parts of the experience. Your birthday is next week? You better believe we already have it on our calendar!

If you have any needs or follow-up questions, we encourage you to reach out to Dr. Tahir. He gives out his personal phone number just in case you need it.

You aren’t a ‘number’ or ‘just another patient’ to us. We see you as a really cool person, a valuable extension of the Cool Braces family, and a person whose life is about to change.

The Wizard is obsessive.

If you don’t get your new smile at Cool Braces, you’re missing out on the unique artistry and details that set us apart, and in turn, set you apart from everyone else.

Dr. Tahir brings a unique approach to orthodontics. His skill and obsession in perfecting the fine details come from his unique background in the origami artistry world. He can see details that many people cannot.

We bring new meaning to ‘high energy’.

From the architectural design of our offices to the energetic team members who we handpick to join our squad, the atmosphere at Cool Braces is nothing short of dynamic. (We may or may not have a boombox blasting Drake on occasion.) 

Whatever your needs may be, we go above and beyond to fulfill them – and we’re enthusiastic about it. We want every visit to our office to be the most exciting part of your day, because why not? Let’s have fun with it!



Your smile is a work of art. Let’s make you a magnet for life’s opportunities.

All you have to do is start the convo, and we’ll take it from there.