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Are traditional braces my only option?

May 1, 2023

So you’ve ready to straighten your teeth and get that cool, beautiful smile you’ve always wanted. But doesn’t that require undergoing treatment with traditional metal braces? Not necessarily! 

Orthodontics have come a long way since your mom wore braces as a tennager! There’s now loads of cool treatment options out there for your teeth beyond just traditional braces. These treatments offer comfort and convenience along with aesthetics, making orthodontic treatment more accessible and attractive to kids, teens, and adults!

So let’s take a quick peek at the smile options available for all patients at Cool Braces.


We offer Cool traditional metal braces

Traditional metal braces aren’t really traditional in an outdated sense at Cool Braces! Our smile wizard, Dr. Tahir uses modern metal braces to craft your dream smile into reality. The metal braces used in our offices are high-quality metal alloy brackets that we “glue” to your teeth with dental cement (a non-toxic adhesive that’s strong enough to hold your brackets to your teeth during the length of your smile transformation). 

How do (metal) braces work? These brackets are threaded together by a top and bottom archwire and secured using elastics (which are tiny rubber bands for braces). The forces from the wires, ties, and elastics will encourage your teeth to move in a healthy direction. The amount of force, placement of the ties, and types of elastics used are all at Dr. Tahir’s expert discretion, allowing your braces system to work magic on your current smile.

If the idea of spending that time rocking a “brace-face” or ditching some braces-damaging foods for your treatment doesn’t sound appealing, we offer plenty of other stylish and discreet treatment options.


But there’s more cool treatment options with us!

At Cool Braces, we offer a variety of different orthodontic treatments because no smile is the same. When families choose treatment with Dr. Tahir, you can choose which type of braces you’re drawn to! 

Here’s everything you need to know about the cool treatments available for you in Berwyn and Oak Lawn.

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic brackets blend in with your teeth like magic for a more discreet look than metal braces. Our cool ceramic braces are durable and specially-designed to resist stains, so you shouldn’t have to worry about discoloration during your treatment. (It’s still important to avoid foods that are infamous for staining your teeth to keep your teeth looking bright and beautiful!)

The best part is that ceramic braces work just like regular metal braces! These tooth-colored brackets are bonded to the front of each tooth and rubber bands surrounding the brackets hold the archwire that gradually moves the teeth into healthy alignment.


Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are bonded to the back surfaces, or the tongue-side surfaces, of your teeth.  braces still use brackets and wires and work just as effectively as traditional braces; they’re just located on the inner surfaces of the teeth. 


Self-ligating braces

Self-ligating braces use a passive slide mechanism to align your teeth, meaning brackets are clipped into the archwire to hold the wire in place. While traditional braces use elastic ties or rubber bands to anchor the archwire to the bracket, self-ligating braces are completely tie-less, but you can still choose colors to add to your braces for a pure fashion statement!

This tie-less function makes braces more comfortable, as it minimizes friction. It also allows your teeth to move independently of each other (instead of moving simultaneously), which means you enjoy a quick but comfortable time in braces. 

Dr. Tahir gives patients the choice between two cool modern brands of self-ligating braces, Damon™ or SmartClip™.



Invisalign® uses a series of custom clear aligners to gently guide your teeth into healthy alignment. Each aligner will work on moving only a group of specific teeth at a time as calculated by your smile wizard, Dr. Tahir! 

The fantastical feature of Invisalign aligners is their virtually invisible appearance. Your co-workers, friends, or family may not even notice that you’re wearing Invisalign trays, unless you tell them! So there’s no need to worry about being socially awkward or stress about your appearance from your orthodontic treatment! But don’t worry, our team will know and we’ll celebrate every time you come into the office because we love watching the magic of Invisalign and Dr. Tahir make your dream smile come true. 


You’ve got loads of Cool options for treatment at Cool Braces!

There really is a whole world of orthodontic treatment options available to you and your family at Cool Braces besides just traditional metal braces! So whether you’re looking for a more comfortable, passive treatment, or a practically invisible treatment, Dr. Tahir can craft your smile into perfection with any treatment you choose.  We’ll help you become a magnet for life’s opportunities.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re happy to discuss any of our treatment options with you.

Get started today by requesting a complimentary consultation.

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